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Máy Xray, X-ray inspection System

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X-ray inspection System is applying the newest x-ray imaging and imaging processing technology, which is built under Processing standard of Europe, it can ensure your products are free of contaminants and maintaining product quality, ensuring compliance with stringent standards in many industries such as food, cosmetic, Pharmaceutical etc.


COSO XR-2412 X-ray inspection System can “look inside” the final sealed package and identify the contaminated or damaged products and reject them from production lines. The inspection can be carried out as:

Inspection of final sealed packaged products like metal fails, blister-packs, cartons, pouches, bags, glass and plastic containers;

Detection of metal, glass and high density rubber or plastic contaminants.

Discovery of missing and damaged products/components (e.g. instruction leaflets).

Under/over fill inspection as well as measuring zoned and gross mass of final sealed products.

1. Complete report function: Supports the product examination, the movement examination, the maintenance statistics and reports to the police the statistics and so on each kind of report form; Supports the report form derives to Excel, may and SPC system connection; Supports according to each kind of condition generation report form.
2. Animation status monitoring function, support equipment alarm system, the upper FEMA system can be connected
3. Complete simulation of the actual animation monitoring system, the device itself, any failure, animation display at a glance.
4. Automatically save, the results of the test image automatically saved to facilitate the user to find matching
5. Intelligent, intelligent detection of foreign objects.
6. Easy operation, FXR series only through a unique self-learning algorithm, simply a few steps, you can adapt to different product testing, without complex parameter settings, the operator can learn in 10 minutes to complete the product operation.
7. User-friendly operation interface, ergonomic user interface, interface design Based on the human visual theory, visual fatigue is not easy to use color system; interface layout will be easy to operate with the operating habits combined, making the most simple operation.


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