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Máy bọc màng co pof tự động tốc độ cao GPL-5545H+GPS-5030LW

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Máy bọc màng co pof tự động tốc độ cao GPL-5545H+GPS-5030LW



GPL-5545H Hi-speed sealing machine can be combined with an automatic production line for shrink wrapping , adopts a photoelectricity for inducing the products, there are two feed-in modes, auto/man, use fold film on rolls, and the machine will seal other three sides automatically ;

According to different collocations for the machine and different products, the max packing speed is up to 45pcs/min;

Constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system is suitable for PE.PVC.POF etc, industrial standard shrink films, the seal is firm and nice, especially applicable for POF film, adjust the conveyor with the head wheel for packing products of different size. The reliability is higher and easier to operate it;

The front feed in systems speed is adjustable, combines a worktable at the end of the tunnel, makes whole machine highly automatic, it runs automatically without an operator comes true .

GPS-5030LW Hi-speed hot air circulating shrink tunnel adopts roller type conveyor, the rollers are covered by silicone gel pipe they roll automatically, and also the conveyor can use Teflon mesh belt or S.S. mesh belt instead of rollers. When shrink PE film, need not the rollers roll, easy to convert it by the handle at the end of the tunnel.

The temperature inside the tunnel is even, suitable for shrink PE.PVO.POF films;

The inner container forms hot air circulation inside tunnel, the volume of hot air can be controlled by the air doors according to the packing requirements for different products.

Technical Parameters

Model GPL-5545H GPS-5030LW
Packing speed 20-60pcs/min 20~60pcs/min
Max. packing size L∞×W+H ≤450mm L1200×W450×H250mm
Product W+H/tunnel size L550×W450mm L1500×W500×H300mm
Power 3KW 16KW
Power supply 3∮,220/380V, 50/60Hz 3∮,220/380V, 50/ 60Hz
Air pressure 5.5kg/cm³ /
Machine size L2050×W1580×H1320mm L2000×W1100×H1250mm
Max current 10A 32A
Net weight 800kg 650kg

Parts for GPL-5545H

  1. Temperature Control: Japan Omron
  2. Sensor: Germany Sick
  3. Relay: Japan Omron
  4. Slide track: Japan THK
  5. Frequency Changer: Japan Mitsubishi
  6. Motor: Taiwan TPG
  7. Cylinder: Festo
  8. PLC: Japan Omron
  9. Contactor: France Schneider

Parts for GPS-5030LW:

1 Temperature Control: Japan Omron

2 Motor: Taiwan motor

3 Frequency Changer: Japan Panasonic

4 Contactor: France Schneider

5 Relay: Japan Omron

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