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Máy bọc màng co tự động tốc độ cao GPL-5545C+GPS-5030

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Automatic Side Sealing and Shrinking Machine GPL-5545C+GPS-5030



  • Equipped with PLC control system and safety protecting and alarm devices;
  • Constant sealing with no need of changing .Easy to operate and maintain;
  • The length of shrink film is automatically adjusted by the electric yes and control timer;
  • The added horizontal and vertical electric eyes provide options for switchover. It’s suitable for sealing thin and small products;
  • Automatically perform the scraps discharge process. Leave no mess and keep your working space tidy and clean;
  • Imported parts are adopted to ensure the machine’s stable running with high speed.
  • The cutter adopts vertical system drive to ensure sealing lines straight and tight.
  • With the design of side sealing, the packing length of products is unlimited.
  • The sealing height can be adjusted based on the product height.
  • Widely used in all kinds of products with different sizes and shapes.
  • The machine is applicable to industries like food, gift, hardware, daily necessities, pharmacy, printing, etc.

Technical Parameters:


Model GPL-5545C GPS-5030
Power supply 380V 50/ 60Hz , 3 Phase 380V 50/ 60Hz , 3 Phase
Power 3KW 13KW
Max Packing size L∞×W+H≦450mm (L>120mm,H≦150mm) L1000×W450×H250mm
Cutter size/tunnel size L490mm & L90mm L1300×W500×H300mm
Packing speed 20~40pcs/min 20~40pcs/min
Air pressure 5.5kg/cm³ /
Max current 10A 30A
Machine weight 300kg 200kg
Machine dimension L1650×W900×H1550mm L1640×W780×H1625mm


Parts for GPL-5545C

1.PLC : Japan OMRON
2.Sensor:America BANNER
3.Intermediate Relay : Japan OMRON
4.Temperature Controller: Japan OMRON
5.Contactor: France Schneider
6.Cylinder:Taiwan Shako & German FESTO
7.Motor: Taiwan Sesame



Parts for GPS-5030

1 Temperature Control: Taiwan AVA

2 Roller conveyor Motor: China VTV

3 Contactor: China Chint

4 Middle relay: France Schneider

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